Sleep When Studying – How To AVOID Sleep When Studying At Night ?

How to avoid sleep when studying at night?

The exams are close and get good grades, he decided to sleep studying for long hours. You decide that the best time to study is at night, but can not keep him awake while studying. (Especially in subjects like history, science, OCM, biology, etc.) sleep studying These issues are too boring to stay awake. Then feel the need to be awake to learn the subject. So you’re in a dilemma. sleepy while studying I will explain to you how to avoid these dream back and do not sleep studying.


1. Eating an apple before, just as he is about to start their studies sleep when studying.

2. Drinking tea or coffee, whatever you want before it .

3. Make a sort of challenging exercises that will alert you and stop you from sleep when studying.

4. Try to focus sleep when studying.

5. If all else fails, consider walking. In other words, take turns to his bedroom and continue studying. (This is the sure shot way to drive the dream)

6. Group Study. It is also one of the best ways to keep awake.

7. Drink as much liquid as possible. This will keep you awake.


1. Do not drink milk before going to school. This will make you sleep when studying.

2. Try to avoid as much as you can study subjects other than mathematics and the accounts of the night. These issues keep you interested. (Of course, if you take interest).

3. Do not eat much before studying. This makes you feel sleep when studying.

4. Do not eat rice before beginning the study. This will also make you drowsy.

Sleep When Studying – How To AVOID Sleep When Studying At Night ?

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